Training to Develop A True Sense of Purpose & Connection

Becoming a Certified Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner enables you to train on verbal and non-verbal communication to gain in-depth insights about yourself and others.  The 8-day live training provides you with the tools, techniques, and strategies to move forward with your own life, as well as positively influence others by communicating with more effectiveness and flexibility.

By understanding the various means and styles of communication, effectively, you are able to expand your own perspective and breakthrough your existing beliefs and values to gain more choice in the way you live your life.  Understanding the bigger picture, being able to identify your real desires and purpose, gaining more self-acceptance and less judgment of others, and empowering you to set more realistic goals and objectives are just a few of the benefits you can attain from the training

The applications of NLP in business and personal development are endless

In Business, you will be able to easily employ techniques that improve your business. Understanding the dynamics of communication, you will be able to sell more, negotiate better, motivate a team, build stronger relationships,  and fast-track  your career.

In Personal Development, you will train on using highly effective strategies and techniques to decide in which area of your life you wish to apply your new behavioural approach: work, romantic relationships, friendships, health, personal growth.

The NLP training will empower you to  take responsibility for your self-development and will basically teach you how to think in a more flexible way that delivers you more options to attain clarity in purpose and meaning.

Certified Training

By the end of the course, you will be an ABNLP Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Time Line Therapy. You will be ready to apply your new skills to achieve your own goals, and motivate others to achieve theirs.  Moreover, you will be ready and able to set up in practice.

Upcoming Dates

Location Dates Price
Penang, Malaysia 2nd-9th October 2014 £1069 (+VAT if booked from UK)
Sri Lanka 23rd-30th September 2014
15th-22nd November 2014
£1069 (+VAT if booked from UK)
Surrey, UK 24th Nov - 1st Dec 2014 £1169 (+VAT if booked from UK)

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