unveilingFire Dragon Incognito training will set you off on a journey of self-discovery.  Our training is so much more than the tools and techniques you’ll learn on the actual training programme.   This is a powerful personal development experience where you’ll begin to get a real insight into how you can work to expand your perspective and breakthrough your existing beliefs and values to gain more choice in the way you life your life.

We help you to take responsibility for your self-development and enjoy that process.  Effectively, we teach you how to think in a more flexible way, which delivers you more options.

Benefits of Training

Fire Dragon NLP training delivers highly effective strategies and techniques for your personal development.  You can then decide in which area of your life you wish to apply your new behavioural approach: work, romantic relationships, friendships, health, personal growth or any other area.

Sometimes life can feel like you’re putting together the pieces of a jigsaw without the picture on the front of the box.  Our aim is to better connect you with your unconscious mind so that you can access the picture on the box quickly. Delegates who attend our training report the following benefits:
o    A greater connection to their real desires.
o    A deep sense of self-confidence.
o    The ability to connect with others and share real feelings.
o    A greater perspective on career and subsequent improved performance.
o    Dramatically improved communication in relationships.
o    Greater ability to set realistic goals and achieve them.
o    More self-acceptance and less judgement of others.
o    More motivation and a greater sense of determination.
o    Clarity on their own desires and the reason behind their desires.
o    A big picture perspective on life enabling better life-work balance.

Every single delegate has a different experience and all we ask from you is a commitment to open your mind and your awareness.  Many of the NLP courses out there seem to just concentrate on teaching the techniques, skills and tools taken from the manuals. And although the techniques are trained well, they are missing the final, most important ingredient. Few seem to connect what they teach back to how the trainee can really use them. So while you can use some of the tools, you can be left not knowing how and when to use them in your life. It's like going into a do it yourself store, buying a box of tools, being taught how to use a hammer and screwdriver, but only knowing how to hit nails or screw in screws.  We don't believe you can build a house by merely hammering the nails, so we want to teach you how to apply these techniques to yourself and really learn to use them in your everyday life.

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