FIREWALKING 1Firewalking is an ancient practice, which has been carried out for centuries by cultures all over the world, from Argentina to Australia.  The earliest recorded firewalk was over 4,000 years ago in India, and since then fire walking and fire dancing practices have been used for healing, coming of age, empowerment and religious ceremonies.  Since Firewalking Classes were introduced in the 1970s more than 3m people have marched across hot coals without injury.

So Why Do it?

Firewalking teaches a very powerful lesson in ‘playing at 100%’ and commitment.  The mind-body connection required to take the first step onto hot coals is significant.  As you stand there, you realise that anything less than 100% commitment to cross those coals will result in very hot, very tangible pain.  You put to one side your logic and all your limiting beliefs and you go for it.  And you keep going until you get to the end.  It breaks through all our illusions and limiting beliefs that we have about what can be done and what can’t.  What’s challenging and what’s not. Once we’ve broken through these enormous barriers we can also break though all the stories we tell ourselves about our lives.  Why we can’t get that job.  Why we can’t do that project.  Why we can’t do what we want to do.  Why we can’t hit that sales target.  Why there’s not enough monFire Walking With Fire Dragoney. We realise that those reasons are merely things we tell ourselves to protect us from our fearful illusions of potential failure, rejection, abandonment, loss of face and any other perceived negative possibility.

Fire Walking In Business

In the 1990’s, firewalking caught the attention of managers and corporations as a way to inspire creativity and empower visions of higher possibilities in their employees.  Now, companies all over the world such as American Express, Microsoft, Unilever and Coca-Cola are using Firewalking to break down the barriers of peceived limitations on the journey towards business and personal empowerment.

Book Your Firewalk

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