It’s all about the Mindset… and that is Limitless

Be the Cause

Effecting a real change in your life is all about you taking the responsibility for your life. It is how we choose to live that defines us. Choosing that mindset is what gives you the real power over your life, so that you can be the cause – not the effect. Cause your own life by setting the direction you want. Wanting to improve your life is not enough. Willing the change and taking responsibility for your life enables us to help you achieve even the most far-reaching goals using powerful techniques including NLP,  Time Line Therapy® coaching, and hypnosis. Fire Dragon Coaching works with you every step of the way to coach you in your path to personal development. 

We love empowering our clients on their journey to whatever they choose to change _ gaining confidence, finding the perfect relationship, losing weight, working at your ideal job, quitting smoking, enjoying fulfilling relationships with family and friends. Based on what you choose, we help you set meaningful goals, hit the goals you have set, and constantly revise your goals and set new ones.  Life, like all learning, development and growth is experiential. Life does not stop, so why should you? Happiness is a choice, so choose it! And engage in the change you want.  

Personal Development Courses

1 -Day Programmes

  • Networking For Success
  • Absolutely Assertive
  • Interesting Interviews
  • Dream Language for Relaxation
  • Questions Are the Answer
  • Fear Fallacy

2-Day Programmes

  • Emotions For Now – Empty Your Emotional Bucket
  • Bedside Manners – For Medical & Complementary Health Practitioners

3-Day Programmes

  • Your Growth Evolution
  • The Human Coach

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